TEGM Steps 3-4

In Step 1, you downloaded the Family Tree app, logged into your account, and found an ancestor to research. You followed Step 2 to familiarize yourself with the Research Log Template, and copied the template into the Notes app on your phone. Now that you have a name and a clear plan, you’re ready to start researching!

Step 3

Formulate ONE Research Question

Now it is time to review all available information about your ancestor. 

-Click on each of the tabs at the top of the person page.

-As you find facts add them to your research log. Include all source citations and wiki information, maps, stories, relationship charts, parents, siblings and children, and needed temple ordinances.

-Merge any duplicates:

-Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the person page. You will see a dropdown menu.

-Click “possible duplicates” – the app will show you any possible duplicates. You should have enough information to determine if these are all the same person. You may also get lucky and have no other duplicates found.

Tip: Copy and paste all possible duplicate PIN numbers into your research log, they might be needed later!

What information is missing?

-Formulate your question utilizing the BMD information, is it complete?

-Now formulate one research question.

What is Mary O’Geary’s death date?

-Add a check box to your research log and input your research question. 

You will discover that focusing on one essential question at a time will enable you to locate the information you need in less time and with as little frustration as possible.

NOTE* If your ancestor has all the complete BMD information recorded in the Tree correctly and has no duplicate, you can be assured that this ancestor is ready for the temple. Have the card created and do the temple work – Congratulations!

Step 4

Answer Your Research Question

Use the tools available in the Family Tree app to answer your question and provide proven dates and places for events in your ancestor’s life.

Tip: Open all available original documents and see the information for yourself. Take a screen shot of it and insert the photo in your research log.

Create one more question at a time until all the BMD information is complete. Input all new information found into your Note app research log.

You will find that as you try to answer your one question, other questions might be answered in this process. Be sure to input all information you find into your research log in the Notes app.

What if you can’t find the documents to prove your BMD facts?”

Option One

Schedule a free online coaching session at FamilyHistoryTechCoach.com

These sessions can quickly give you a fresh perspective and may help you find the document you need to prove your fact and answer your research question.

Option Two

Hire a professional.  If you hit a brick wall or can no longer find evidence to answer your research question, hire a professional.

Be prepared to spend some money on this option. At times a professional genealogist is the only way to go. Share with them your research log in your Notes app for a clear understanding of what you have already found and what you are missing. This will save time and money.

Option Three

Wait a while.

New records are digitized and added to the familysearch.org databases every day. Check back each week, do a search, you might just find it.

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