TEGM Steps 1-2

Worldwide the smartphone is the device of choice for the younger generation. It has become an essential functional part of life for millions.  Important tasks are completed on these devices every day. From banking and grocery shopping, to accepting college admittance and dating requests. Life is done on this device. A simple, efficient way to research a family tree and complete temple work on this device is wanted and needed. 

The Essentialist Genealogy Method or TEGM has been developed by Amy Lindquist, a professional genealogist now at FamilyHistoryTechCoach.com.

This method has been designed for those whose focus is ensuring the temple work done is at the highest level possible. The method has been specifically designed for those who are proficient with smartphone technology.  It can be used and taught in many different situations or venues, including home, school lessons, youth activities, family study groups, ward temple and family history consultant training, or for personal use. It is quick, fun and easy.

“We are all family, living and dead. Spending time binding us together should be the essential goal.”

Amy Lindquist

To utilize TEGM you will need:

  • An iOS smart device (android will require a different note app – the research log template may still be used), loaded with WIFI capability
  • Notes App
  • Family Tree App   

Step 1

Choose an Ancestor to Research

There are two ways to find an ancestor to research: Ordinance Ready and Tasks, lets begin with Ordinance Ready.

  1. Open your Family Tree app.

-Click the Temple Button at bottom of screen.

-Click the big green Ordinance Ready button.

-Click on the ordinance type you would like the system to check.

Wait for names to populate. The system will be checking your list, your tree, related family trees, and temple submitted names.

-Click on the ordinance you would like the system to check.

-Choose an ancestor. DO NOT print or select – Go to their person page by clicking on their name.

When you see their person page, check for the “BMD’S” – does your ancestor have the following complete information?

  • Birth name date and place
  • Marriage spouse date and place
  • Death date and place

Next check for sources:

Are there any? If so, do the records listed prove or verify any of the BMD’s?

Once you have this information, you will be ready for the next step.

Step 2

Create a Research Log

Use this template to create the new research log copy and paste into your new note.

Research Log Template 



Relationship to me

  • Birth date / place


  • Marriage date / place

Sources :

  • Death date / place

Sources :

 1. Research Question:

My research plan:

WIKI info 



  • Check for duplicates
  • Take to Temple

Click this button if you’d like us to send you a PDF version of the Research Log Template.

Tip: use copy and paste tools to ensure correct information.

Tip: Use the toggle feature to quickly navigate between apps.

Sharing features include the Add People button and the Forward To button. Use these features to quickly share your research with others.

Input essential information for that ancestor in to research log in NOTES app.

Now it’s your time to practice!

Open your family tree app and your notes app.

Copy the research log into your notes app.

Now you are ready – see if you can follow along as you watch the video below.

TEGM Learning Series : Episode 1

Essentialist Genealogy 2019 Jolley Session 1