The Essentialist Genealogy Method

The no-frills approach to discovering your family tree.

TEGM Steps 5-6

If you’ve been following The Essentialist Genealogy Method, then by now you should have identified an ancestor to research, set up a clear research log on your phone, and created and answered a research question. Now that you’ve found answers, it’s time to add them to your family tree and take that name to the temple!

TEGM Steps 3-4

In Step 1, you downloaded the Family Tree app, logged into your account, and found an ancestor to research. You followed Step 2 to familiarize yourself with the Research Log Template, and copied the template into the Notes app on your phone. Now that you have a name and a clear plan, you’re ready to start researching!

TEGM Steps 1-2

Worldwide the smartphone is the device of choice for the younger generation. It has become an essential functional part of life for millions.  Important tasks are completed on these devices every day. From banking and grocery shopping, to accepting college admittance and dating requests. Life is done on this device. A simple, efficient way to research a family tree and complete temple work on this device is wanted and needed.