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Step 4 of TEGM is to answer your research question. In many cases this proves to be difficult. Don’t stop! Hire a professional!

As genealogists we know this work cannot be done alone. With todays incredibly vast access to worldwide records and documents, it is important to look for help from those that have expertise in the field.

We would like to spotlight specialists who are waiting to help you right now. Please contact them and share with them your research log and your research question. Be very specific.

( Every specialist will determine their own rates and method of payments.)

James Gandolph

Family History Research BYUI

James is a current super star family history research student at BYUI. He is incredible to work with as he is precise and thorough. His analytical abilities prove valuable in every case. Researching is his passion.


Rates: 15-20/hr. depending on the project

Cindie Meincke

The Story Collector

I am passionate about Families. I recognize that there is more to genealogy than just the people who comprise the family history. It is the stories of the trials and triumphs that define them. I have a talent for capturing those stories and combining them with pictures and other research documents to add color and texture to those lives. I am the Story Collector. I am dedicated to helping your family record and protect the memories of your life. I offer a safe place to share and record your treasured moments for future generations to share. I encourage and inspire your personal passion for genealogy by providing instruction and research assistance.

Current family history research student at BYUI



Rates: Free initial consult

 $30 an hour for research services

BYUI Family History Research Graduates

Deanne Trowbridge

Beyond The Grave

My name is Deanne Trowbridge and I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I graduated from Brigham Young University- Idaho on July 23, 2018, with a degree in Family History Research. I first became interested in genealogy after seeing an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? On the show, it highlighted Cindy Crawford and her ancestor Thomas Trowbridge who was from England. Since I had done previous research on Ancestry, I knew we shared a common ancestor which was Thomas Trowbridge. Thomas and his wife Elizabeth had a son, William on September 3, 1633, in Exeter, Devon, England! I wanted to find out more information on this ancestor, so I took classes in England and Wales while at BYU-Idaho, only to find out that my ancestor, William didn’t meet the requirements, so I conducted genealogy research on a classmate’s ancestor for my class project. As a result, I learned how to order civil registration records (which were birth, marriage and death certificates) from the General Register Office in London.  Please hire me to help discover your own neat findings about your family just as I did with my family. Feel free to email me with any questions you might have.



New Research Business: Beyond The Grave

Rates: $20 per hour

Professional Research from Around the World

Luke Wilcock

The Genealogy Company Ltd

Luke is the Managing Director at The Genealogy Company Ltd. They are Based in Burnley, East Lancashire, covering the whole of the United Kingdom. At The Genealogy Company Ltd, they are as passionate as you about finding out about our past. They offer competitive, fixed fees for work and can assist with any part of your Family Tree building, from starting with what you know and building your tree for you, through to tracing and providing further info on particular parts of your family.

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For Rates please visit their website:

Marcel Glaskie

ROMGEN – Romanian Jewish Genealogy

We research all of what was Greater Romania, to solve probate cases for the international legal profession. We have a team of skilled research assistants strategically located around the territory, which includes The Kingdom of Romania, Transylvania, Bucovina, and Bessarabia now The Republic of Moldova.

Geographic Specialties

Israel, Romania