How To Optimize Settings on Smartphone For TEGM

Wondering how to optimize settings on your smartphone for TEGM and your family history work?

Have you watched our videos and wondered why your phone doesn’t look the same?

Today we’ll walk you through the settings on an iPhone, and the steps we take to optimize our smartphones for family history research.

Check out this video to get started:

How To Optimize Settings on Smartphone for Family History

Optimize Settings on iPhone

In this video, you’ll see that we are using the iPhone 11 Pro. To begin, we go to our Settings App and scroll down until we find Notes. With TEGM, we use our Notes app to store our research, so it’s helpful to optimize a few settings here.

Start with your Default Account. We use iCloud because we have an account where the notes will be saved on the cloud, but you can choose whichever account will work best for you.

If you feel inclined, you may set a password to lock your notes and keep them private.

Toggle on the “On My Phone” setting, so that notes will save to your phone.

When you come to “Sort Notes By”, choose Title. Sorting by date can become confusing as you jump around your research to different ancestors. It is most efficient to sort by Title, and in the Title of your notes use the ancestors name. Then when you scroll through all of your notes you will able to easily find your research log for each person by name.

Go ahead and select Title for “New Notes Start With” as well.

Toggle on Save To Photos if you want the media and photos you add to your research log to save to the Photos library on your smartphone.

With the Lock Screen and Control Center, you can customize your settings to enable you to have one-tap access to your notes from your control center. Select “Resume Last Note” if you’d like it to take you back to the last note you were working on when you click Notes from the Control Center.

Family Tree App Settings

Scroll down in your settings to find the Family Tree App.

First, you’ll want to enable Location for While Using the App.

Select Read and Write under Photos.

Toggle on the microphone and camera.

Under Notifications you have flexibility. We keep ours on all three options so that we can receive notifications no matter what we are doing on our phone. Customize this to reflect what is most convenient for you. With sounds and badges turned ON, you’ll never miss a notification.


It’s easy to get your smartphone settings set up for family history success! Leave us a comment to let us know if this helped you, or if you have any other questions about smartphone settings for TEGM.

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