How to Set Up Your Notes App for TEGM

The Essentialist Genealogy Method was designed to utilize easy-to-navigate, commonly-used apps. One that we will discuss in this post is the Notes app on the iPhone.

If you’ve downloaded our Research Log Template, you may be wondering how to use it and how to record your family history research on your phone.

This video will give you a good look at how it works:

TEGM with Heather and David Session 4: Notes App

Copy and Paste

It’s really as simple as copying and pasting the template into a new note. This will set you up to take relevant and pinpointed notes that will get your ancestors names ready for the temple.

Once you start a new ancestor, create a new note with the template. Then just fill in the blanks!

Organized Notes for Real Progress

We keep the name at the top so it can be seen as the subject line, making it easy to find who you’re looking for when scrolling through all of your notes. You can make a folder to keep all of your research logs organized.

Each section has a checkbox that you can fill, helping your keep track of what still needs to be completed.

This approach makes doing family history work systematic and efficient, allowing you to make real progress on your family tree.

Learn More and Get Started

Visit our TEGM series to learn more!

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