April FHTC Video Contest

Family History Tech Coach is a site dedicated to making the blessings of family history work more accessible by making the research process more straightforward. We coach you on how to use technology to find your ancestors!

Make Family History a Bigger Part of Your Life

We so apprecieated the messages shared in General Conference and heard their call to make family history work a bigger part of our lives, especially now while the temples are temporarily closed. You may feel like you’ve got a lot to learn before you can feel confident in your family history skills, but we believe the best way to learn is to teach. That leads us to our April Family History Tech Coach Contest!

April FHTC Video Contest

This is a challenge to all ages, and we especailly want to call on the young among us (young adults, kids, grandkids) to take this challenge on. We want you to create a 60-90 second video teaching us how to do one of the following:

1.     Download Family Tree app onto phone

2.     Change the pedigree view from landscape to fan chart

3.     Use the new function on the fan chart view

4.     How to find all the stories on your fan chart in one place  using this link https://stories.familyfoundapp.com/

5.     Explain the task feature

6.     Define the icons when using task feature

7.     How to add a source

8.     How to add a new person

9.     Explain what a citation is

10.  Demonstrate the features on the Temple feature

11.  How to prepare a name for the Temple

12.  How to share a prepared name with a family member

13.  How to search historical records

14.  How to find relatives around me

15.  How to add a story

16.  How to add a photo

17.  How to tag a photo

18.  How to help others/ what is a helper number

19.  How to access and change your settings to enable all the tools available

20.  How to have conversations

21.  How to access discoveries

22.  What are Temple Messages?

Don’t feel limited to just one video, we encourage you to make as many as you want!

How To Enter

Share your video on Instagram or Facebook and make sure to tag us so we can see it (Instagram: @familyhistorytechcoach , Facebook: @TheEssentialistGenealogist). Use the hashtag: #FHTC

The conest will end May 4th, and we will feature our favorite entered video on our blog!

This is a wonderful opportunity to share your knowledge and testimony of families and to learn new research skills. Let’s get started!

FHTC Video Contest

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