Meet The Family History Tech Coach Team

We are so excited to be expanding our team here at Family History Tech Coach! We want to bring you the best information and guidance to make completing your family history research fun, simple, and rewarding.

A key component of our mission is using new technologies to drive this work forward, which includes social media! We know you don’t have time to check up on everything the web has to offer, so we want to make it easy for you to find the important things.

If you aren’t already, follow our Facebook page! We share every post and tutorial there so you can catch up while you’re scrolling. It’s a great way to stay up to date and make sure you know the latest and greatest family history tools.

Amy – Your Family History Tech Coach

If you haven’t already met Amy, you can check out this page to learn more about her.

Kim – Social Media Manager

Kim Wilkes has been with us for a few months now helping us build and curate our social media. We want to help as many people as possible simplify their family history research, and we are so excited about the growth we’ve already seen on Instagram and Facebook! Come and join us! And always feel free to share so everyone can get in on this amazing work.

Phoebe – Facebook Mediator and Content Creator

Phoebe is new to the team and we are so excited to have her! She has a passion for family history and will be guiding us through tutorials as well as answering your questions on our Facebook page!

We hope to see you on social soon!

The Essentialist Genealogist Facebook Page

FHTC Instagram

Family History

Written by Amy

My passion for technology and family history will make your research simple and fun. Let's do this together!

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