RootsTech 2020: One of My Favorite Presentations of Day 1

Day 1 at RootsTech 2020 has been amazing! I love learning and interacting with my fellow family researchers. Today I learned about all the new, fun things happening now at Family Search, how to utilize new tools to further my DNA research, Irish research, and more. My favorite of the day however, has to be a presentation given by Josh Taylor.

We all know he is a great presenter, but his presentation at 1:30 today in the Ruby room gave me a renewed love for what I do.

Josh Taylor’s presentation entitled: “20 Ways RootsTech has Changed the World” was masterfully crafted to take us all down memory lane and realize that 10 years of RootsTech has truly changed how we all see the technology that changed our hearts, our efforts, and our relationships.

Josh explained that while the RootsTech conference has evolved and changed each year – we have too and it’s ok. Change and innovation is good and necessary.

He said, “RootsTech has unleashed our potential and sharpened our focus as genealogist”. “It has helped build a global community, and has built a new industry focused on innovative products for finding relatives living and dead.” Josh explained further that through this event we have seen generations come together to unite in this work and that there is space for everyone.

#NotAtRootsTech has grown to cover the world and streaming capabilities have enabled an even bigger community.

The main world changing aspect of this conference is the way it has made us all better genealogist! Our methodology has improved as we source and site our trees and learn to live sharing what we have found.

Thank you Josh for bringing it home!!

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