RootsTech 2020 is Fast Approaching

There are 29 short days until the RootsTech 2020 conference begins.

Are You Ready for RootsTech?

If you are like me, you have:

  • registered and downloaded the official RootsTech app onto your smartphone
  • watched the “Road to RootsTech” video series and feel great about the team
  • wondered if you will have a chance to meet Jen Allen in person at the conference

I’m sure you have excitedly chosen the classes you will attend each day and have clicked on the star so the class will appear in your daily conference schedule. I have chosen to have my pass mailed to me because I no longer have a printer in my home, but you may have chosen to print yours off so you have it now.

Can’t make it to Salt Lake?

I have a friend who can not make the trip to Salt Lake City, so she decided to take advantage of the virtual pass option. She bought her virtual pass for only $129 and can enjoy watching 30 sessions any time she wants from her home. She is using these sessions to help teach her kids about family history each week. I realized that if I purchased this add on pass, I could have access to these digital classes any time, and attend different classes in person. Click Here for a link with all the virtual pass information.

I have another friend who can’t spend money on a virtual pass right now. She was excited when I explained that she could watch live for free! I sent her this link.

Keynote Speakers Announced

I know you must be thrilled about the recently announced Keynote speakers.

Thursday, February 27, 11:00 am session
Friday, February 28, 11:00 am session
Friday, February 28, 8:00 pm session
Saturday, February 29, 11:00 am session

More Great News

You will be excited to learn that this year there will be a FREE YOUNG ADULT AFTER PARTY! It is the place to be Friday night. There will be games, dancing, escape rooms, and a special performance by comedian Ryan Hamilton. Check out this link to save your spot.

Let Me Know You Will Be There

I would love to meet you! Take a picture with your RootsTech Pass and tag us on Instagram @familyhistorytechcoach or on Facebook @TheEssentialistGenealogist to be featured on our page. Comment below and let me know you will be there. It would be great to feature your RootsTech experience on this blog too.

See you soon!

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