Meet Our RootsTech 2020 4-Day Pass Winner

As an ambassador for RootsTech 2020, we had the privilege of offering one of our readers or social media followers a free 4-day pass to the big conference in Salt Lake City. We ran our contest from the beginning of November to December 9th. The winner is…

Josie Hardy

Josie is a mother and grandmother from Las Vegas.

She teaches piano, sewing, cross stitch and cooking classes. Her main passion is genealogy.

She serves as a Temple and Family History Consultant in her area and is so excited to have the opportunity to attend RootsTech for the historic 10 year anniversary celebration.

” I love and breathe genealogy! Love my new calling in my church… Family History and Temple Consultant. My deep passion for genealogy, my knowledge of my own identity and roots… I desire all to know of theirs!!! “

Josie Loves Salt Lake City.

She went to Salt Lake City with her granddaughter Marissa two years ago. They found the Pioneer Cemetery where her 4th Great (Marissa’s 6th Great) Grandfather, Rufus Forbush, owned the land and donated it as a Cemetery. The street named Forbush Lane!

She wants to go visit it again!

Josie is related to Forbush, Taylor, Redd, Killpack; all lines leading back to Utah. She would love to meet more cousins!

Donnie and Marie Osmond, Mitt Romney, JW Marriott, are among many cousins she has found in her family tree. More include Elvis Presley, Lucille Ball, Amelia Earhart, Patsy Cline, so many famous people! She loves the “Relative Finder” program from BYU!

Josie also wants to spend a week in the Family History Library. Last time she found that she was related to so many U.S. Presidents, Presidents of the Church, Apostles, pioneers, some movie stars, she loves it there.  

Josie is an adoptee.

She feels so blessed to know both families.

She explained that since 2012 she had created a very large tree of her adopted family and her birth family, of over 14,000 relatives on Ancestry.   She had her DNA done by Ancestry and 23andMe, 4 years apart. She found the tests to be very accurate and confirmed her documented trees on ancestry and

She communicated with many DNA relatives. She is so happy to have communicated with cousins from all 4 grandparents’ lines (branches).  
She found her half brother after being apart 60 years, when she signed on in 2012 to Ancestry. They had 2 years to know each other, then he passed away. He did his DNA, so now she also has her birth father’s DNA results and so many pictures and stories shared by her brother. “What a blessing, especially since we both had our names changed!” she exclaims.

Josie says that she loves to learn and she is just very happy to be going to RootsTech 2020. 

We can’t wait to meet Josie and spend time with her at RootsTech 2020. See you soon!

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