What’s New at RootsTech 2020

Excitement for RootsTech 2020 is building.

With the holidays looming, prep time is limited for the February conference in Salt Lake City. It is now only four short months away!

This year there will be four new offerings that you will want to plan for.

Badge Options: Mailed or Print-At-Home

Last year, the badges were mailed out and attendees simply walked in grabbed a lanyard and they were off to their classes.

This year you will have the option of receiving the mailed badge, which you will receive in mid-February, or you can print off your own badge at home.

If you choose the print-at-home option, simply follow the instructions you will receive in an email then pick up your lanyard, badge holder, and conference bag at one of five locations in the conference venue. 

Please remember that if you register after January 2020, your only option will be to pick up your badge on-site when you arrive for the conference.

Look for the five newly located Help Desks!

This year they will also be a place to pick up your badges and check in. The main check in area will be located inside the main entrance of the Salt Palace – off of West Temple and through the rotunda.

Lunch and Learn Sessions

For the first time at RootsTech, you have an option to learn more while you eat your lunch.

Each day there will be two large rooms designated for Lunch and Learn sessions.

You must pre-purchase these sessions at the price of $22 a day. This purchase includes a boxed lunch and a guaranteed seat in the Lunch and Learn classroom.   

These sessions begin at Noon each day.

For more information and to pre-order your sessions go here: https://www.rootstech.org/lunch-and-learn

Power Hour Sessions Will Now Be On Wednesday Too

These sessions occur from 8-9 am. They are designed to help you learn new a skill, method, or application that can be applied to your own improved work. 

In these sessions, three presenters teach you their most relevant information in 20 minutes each.

These are popular sessions that will be held Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Get there early and get a good seat.

Specialized Forums

This new offering is one of the most exciting additions to the conference.

There will be three meetings that will cover specialized topics. They begin each day at 8 am and end at 10:30 am.  Plan ahead for the Wednesday meeting, which will require pre-registration.

Wednesday: Access and Preservation Forum

At the Access and Preservation forum, you’ll learn about how records are stored and who takes care of them. You’ll gain insight into the latest methods and technologies used to preserve records, and you’ll learn how records are made available to the public. Speakers in this forum are professional archivists and librarians.

*The Access and Preservation forum will require pre-registration.

Thursday: Innovation and Tech Forum

The Innovation and Tech forum will offer a number of different speakers who will discuss innovations within both the family history industry and adjacent markets. Learn what technology is currently available and what technology might be available for genealogists in the future.

*The Innovation and Tech forum is open to any attendee with a RootsTech pass.

Friday: DNA Forum

Take a deep dive into DNA and discover what’s possible—or what might be possible in the future—thanks to DNA advancements. Learn from credible genetic genealogists on topics such as different types of DNA testing, cousin matching, chromosome mapping, and using DNA to break down brick walls.

*The DNA forum is open to any attendee with a RootsTech pass.

For more information go to https://www.rootstech.org/pass-comparison

FHTC Giveaway!

Remember: FamilyHistoryTechCoach will be giving away one free RootsTech pass on December 9, 2019.

Read this article for instructions on how to enter now!

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