Help for Sonia

I recently received an email request from a researcher in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Unfortunately, the return email address does not work and there was no other way to reply to this request from Sonia.

Hopefully, posting my reply here will help Sonia find the records she is looking for.

Sonia needed access to digital microfilms from Family Search. Here is my relpy:

The only way to view these films is to visit a family history center. You can access the available digital files for free at a family history center near you.

Here is a link to the closest one to you:

Here is a link to the other centers on that island: enter Turks and Caicos island.

Here are the files available at the center:

Sonia, if you have specific information you are looking for I could also see what I can find at my local family history center. If you would like to send me any information I would be happy to see what I can find.
Thank you,

Reply here with contact info or send me an email: amy@familyhistorytechcoach

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