Keeping It Simple

I recently logged onto to find a training  video on their online learning center. I was amazed to discover that they have over 1800 videos that teach about the many different aspects of genealogy. Family Search is not alone, every company that offers online services have thousands of training videos. Over the past few years the field of genealogy and family history research has exploded. Just like every other professional field, genealogy now demands specialists. The vast amount of information needed to research a line correctly can now take more than ten different specialists.  For example, you might need a research specialists, however, now you will need to determine the specific area or location, the specific date or time block, the type of research-digital or paper. You will need to determine if you want DNA included, or video/photo research done. It is no longer a simple thing to research your own line.  Just do a search on FaceBook for “genealogy”, you will be amazed at the vast variety of groups offered.

Recently, I have come to the conclusion that there is still a way to keep it simple. I call it “Essentialist Genealogy”! A way to research your family history by simply using an iPhone.

I am even going to rebrand my own offerings and now be known as…

“The Essentialist Genealogist ”.

Inspired by Greg McKeowin and is book “Essentialism”, a book that goes into depth on how to systematically pursue less, I have created a new research method designed for those 35 years old and younger.

Join me this summer as we learn this new method through a series of training videos and free coaching sessions online.

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