Recent Changes to FamilySearch Desktop Version

Last week released major changes to the look and function of the person page. New tools include streamlined editing ability and my favorite new tool, timelines and maps. I love the new record hints available directly in the time line. This function creates a simple direct way to confirm and attach the new record hint to the person.  Seeing the details in the time line gives us the ability to make sure the records we attach are correct. The more evidence we find and attach to each person in our tree validates our lines and gives credibility to our work.

As a local family history ward consultant, I have had many inquiries about these new functions. For the most part everyone is happy with the changes. There have been many who have asked if these changes were made to the mobile app as well. The answer is no. The mobile app has remained the same. There has been a map function on the mobile app for about a year now. The one thing to remember now is… the new desktop version is much more comprehensive!  This tool utilizes the power of Google maps in both regular map and satellite views to take you on a person tour of your ancestors life. You have the ability to zoom into street view and see the current buildings, roads, parks, landmarks and structures.

If you have downloaded used the FamilyNexus mobile app on your  Apple smart device you will discover some similarities, for example the timeline and the locations are on the map alnog with all listed life events . The timelines have similar functions, however the FamilySearch timeline is the only place where the record hints are included. Pins on the map represent each event and key information is given in the time line.

In this video I will demonstrate the map tool differences in the new desktop version compared to the mobile app version .

Here is a link to the official blog

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