Beginning with an Online Tree

In todays tech world the only tool needed to discover and research your family tree is a smart phone.  Managing a family tree online can at first be overwhelming.  There are many options. You must ask three basic questions.  How many different trees should you have online?  Which trees are beneficial?  What are the costs?

Today most companies that offer searchable databases also offer a standard platform to build and share your family tree.  In my opinion there are only two basic online offerings that will allow you the three basic needs for success. These needs are, the most access to online databases, new algorithms that find records for you, and programs that are user friendly and easy to navigate. These two offerings are and  Having a tree on both of these sites will allow you maximum capability to build, research, compare and share. Having only two trees to manage will save on time management and accuracy. It will also allow you a back up tree. The first rule to know when doing anything online is to always have a back up or a saved copy of your work.

Both of these sites have partnerships with many other family history companies that build apps and plug-ins that allow access to partner products.  Don’t get overwhelmed with the bells and whistles!  Keep it simple at the beginning. Fully use the capabilities of the initial sites before you explore into other apps and partner sites. While is free to everyone, will have membership fees. Please pay for the full access subscription on  This way you will not be disappointed as you begin your research. Both of these sites will allow you to research their databases on your smart device. The mobile version is a bit different than the desk top version of the program, in my opinion it is much easier to navigate on the smart device once you get to know the buttons and clicks. I will be showing both mobile versions of theses programs on my site ( this summer.  We will begin with in June of 2018. tutorials will begin in July 2018.

To prepare for the tutorials be sure to create your own accounts on both sites and download the apps onto your favorite smart device. I will be demonstrating the mobile versions using the iPhone X. If you use an android device, the clicks and buttons will be different but I will talk you through it.  The research methodology and tree building will be the same.

Please contact me if you have any issues creating your accounts. I look forward to working with you this summer.


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