Using Tech to Complete Your Family Tree

Using only a smart phone or an iPad to research and document your family tree might sound impossible, but we are here to show you click by click how it’s done today. This blog is not like any other. We don’t just copy and paste what’s been circulating on the web. This is new content created so the everyday person can find their true family roots and branches. We are not backed by a company or promoting any product. Our focus is to educate while we evaluate the new apps being offered in the ever growing technology, family history and genealogy industries.

Understanding how smart phone apps can be utilized to do everything from creating a tree, storing memories, or researching lost lines and documenting vital records will enable you not only to save money in your endeavors but have a fun time while discovering your past, present, and future. will be posting original up to date articles and video tutorials that will make you feel like those celebrities on the genealogy shows who seem so surprised when they find out the truth about their relatives. We do this by teaching you how to uncover those vital records, stories and documents that will write your story and prove who you really are. Even with the latest DNA testing technology you still need to find and match these vital records and documents to your family tree to prove who you really are.

This blog goes in depth and will make learning about how to research and document your family fun and easy.  Some future smart device apps that we will be demonstrating include Family Tree and Memories. These two apps help you complete your tree on We will also cover Ancestry, My Heritage, Find My Past, EverNote, BillionGraves, Find A Grave, Scannable, Roots Magic, Family Nexus, FaceBook, and more. We test drive each new app and put each one through a rigorous workout before we bring it to you.

Join your personal coach Amy Lindquist for daily workouts that will inspire, educate, and motivate you to use the new technology available today to connect all your family. Many people ask, what is the difference between family history and genealogy? Up until now only professional genealogists had access to many of the worlds vital records. Only genealogists had time to spend hours looking through film or books to make the connections and write the proof statements that legitimized the research. Up until now family history has just been the passing down of stories and rumors from one generation to the next in hopes that loved ones would be remembered. All this has now changed. With the use of technology we can now bring these two worlds together in such a way that everyone and anyone can be a genealogist and use documentation of vital records together with the family stories, not only to remember loved ones now passed, but to discover how those past lives affect who we are and who we are becoming. All of us can now trace a basic tree of fathers, mothers, and grandparents, and can also prove who our extended families are through cited documentation we research and create for ourselves. We can find our families not only through blood, but our families through marriage, step relations and adoptions.

We can all find our own reasons for wanting to find out about our past. We all want to feel connected, or maybe we have religious reasons for the search. Either way, the new tech is the way to go, and it has arrived. “Let’s Get To It”!

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