Using New Technology and The Essentialist Genealogy Method, We Coach You On How To Research Your Family Tree.

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We loved learning the TEGM Research Method together through our coach, Amy. Family History has always sounded like a daunting task, but with the help from our coach, we were able learn how to find supporting artifacts (birth/death/marriage records and family bibles) on our own time using just our phones! 

My husband and I loved learning the TEGM Research Method together. It was unlike anything we’ve ever learned about family history. It made the idea of doing family history work- which usually seems so daunting- feel so doable. It is something that we can work into our busy schedules because we can do everything on our phones. We can’t wait to keep going with this!

I contacted Amy Lindquist to see if she could help me. To my surprise, she answered to my request immediately and we set an appointment. In 30 minutes she taught me how to use my cell phone to keep my family tree, and she also opened a window so that I can go further on that branch of the family. Amy is a very patient person with technologically challenged people, so I highly recommend her, especially if you belong to the so called “elderly group”.